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Return / Exchange Policies

At Warners’ Stellian, your total satisfaction is our top priority. Your purchase is backed by a 30-day return/exchange guarantee* and each appliance is fully covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. Special care is taken to ensure each shipment is sent out properly packaged and 100% insured.

In-store purchase return & exchange policy:

If a return is made for any reason other than damage or malfunction, a $75 pickup or delivery charge and a minimum 25% restocking fee may be assessed to each returned item. All special order items require a 50% nonrefundable deposit. All trim kits and custom panels are nonrefundable. For further assistance on returns and exchanges, please contact your sales associate or a Customer Service Representative. To contact Customer Service, text (651) 222-0011 or call (651) 222-0011 (option 1).

In order to help us serve you better, please be ready to provide the model number and serial number of the unit you would like to return or exchange.

Online purchase return & exchange policy:

30-day return / exchange guarantee
*Fully crated product(s) complete with original box, packing materials, manuals and accessories may be returned and/or exchanged within 30 days of original ship date. A minimum 25% restocking fee will be assessed to each product and the customer will be responsible for all applicable shipping costs. Shipping costs could include, but are not limited to, services used to properly move, pack & return ship the original product. Free shipping promotions do not apply to returns/exchanges. Special Order Items, uncrated product(s), trim kits, custom panels and all other accessories are non-returnable.

Cancelling your order

If you cancel your order before your product(s) ship, you will not incur charges. If you wish to cancel your order after your product(s) have been shipped you will be charged a minimum 15% restocking fee as well as all applicable shipping costs, including the return shipping charge. Special Order Items cannot be cancelled.

Related information

How to handle shipping damage
All shipments sent out by Warners’ Stellian are insured. We strongly suggest that you inspect your product(s) thoroughly before accepting and signing for them.

Container / packaging damage
If the container or product package shows evidence of damage, note it specifically on the delivery receipt and have the carrier agent acknowledge by signing. Contact us within 24 hours to report. Call (877) 431-2100 or email us.

Concealed (cosmetic) damage
Concealed cosmetic damages must be reported to us within 7 days of receipt. Report by calling (877) 431-2100 or email us. If cosmetic damages arise after the 7 day period, you are responsible for filing any claim with the shipping company. In the event that concealed damages are found, we strongly suggest that you email us with a detailed description of all known damages, along with supporting photographs. It is in your best interest to provide this information to us in a timely manner, so we can effectively serve you. Warners’ Stellian reserves the right to service and repair all cosmetic damages prior to authorizing an exchange.

Dealing with defective merchandise
Nearly all products offered by Warners’ Stellian include a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty (see warranty information enclosed with the product for complete details). If you receive a product that is functionally defective, contact our Customer Service Department at (877) 431-2100 or submit an online request.

We will arrange to have your products serviced by an authorized technician (when applicable). Warners’ Stellian reserves the right to service and repair all defective merchandise prior to authorizing an exchange. If product is deemed irreparable by an authorized service technician, product will be exchanged at no additional cost to you.

For information regarding manufacturer factory service – click here.

Due to challenges related to COVID, item stock status may be inaccurate. Confirm with a sales associate if your need is immediate.
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